Moving Online

And… just like that, Singapore is back on “lockdown”, which means we can no longer gather in person to play D&D. So, this week’s game will be moving online and this will be the first online session for this group. I’m half-excited, half-anxious at how it will turn out. No matter what, I’ll come back…More

Taking a break

If you’re a DM reading this, I’m writing to give you permission to take a break if you feel like you need it right now. It gets tough sometimes, I know. You’re spending hours preparing for the game and running it. You’re burdened with dealing all the people issues, and some of you are even…More

Killing a Player Character

The Paladin charged heroically into battle against the menacing Fire Troll. He rolls a natural 20 and unleashed a divine smite, dealing north of 50 points of damage in a single swing. This, combined with the next attack, almost halved the hit points of the troll in one turn alone. It’s the troll’s turn. As…More

Optimize the Game

I drove home after the last session, exhausted but feeling like we had a good game. We fought two Ropers in the Underdark, in a cavern with a ceiling filled with Piercers that attacked twice every round. The wizard got nearly bitten in half, dropping to -3 after a critical hit by a Roper’s bite.…More

The House is on Fire

In the last game, the characters were attacked by two pyromaniacal shapeshifters in a farmhouse. This was a great opportunity to try some homemade fire mechanics 🔥 First, determine how many grids are on fire and how intense the fire is. For my game, one of the shapeshifters threw a bottle of alchemist fire. I…More

The Three-Clue Rule

In the last episode titled, The Tillage People, the party arrived at a little farming town called Felderwin. When they arrived, they found out that there’s been a recent spate of arsons in the tillage surrounding the town. The party picked up the cue and dived straight into investigation mode. I was careful to make…More

Campaign Diaries

I started running a campaign about 3 months ago and we’ve been playing regularly almost every Friday evenings since. I thought it would be fun to post campaign, not just as a recap for myself but also to maybe reflect on some of the things I learnt in each session. TL;DR: We are a party…More

72 Microseasons

The Japanese subdivided the calendar into 72 parts, each describing a specific, fleeting seasonal moment. I love how poetically specific and transient each of these divisions are: March 16 to 20: 菜虫化蝶 Namushi chō to naru; Caterpillars become butterflies. July 17 to 22: 鷹乃学習 Taka sunawachi waza o narau; Hawks learn to fly. and my…More

Coalition for App Fairness

Epic games, Spotify, Basecamp, Match Group, Deezer, Tile, Blix and others have formed a Coalition for App Fairness with a goal to “create a level playing field for app businesses and give people freedom of choice on their devices.” According to them, Apple makes $15,000,000,000+ in revenue annually from the ‘App Store tax’ (source: CNBC).…More

Creating Hero Moments

I played with a Dungeon Master (DM) who imposed a “critical failure” whenever anyone rolled a one on any d20 rolls. Some of these fails would be harmful to another player (“you slip on the grass and stab your friend next to you.”) or plain dumb (“you swing so hard, you tear the seams of…More