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It’s time we bring blogs back. Remember the early 2000s when we had Myspace, geocities and blogspot? Remember when we would bare our hearts and share our thoughts on the internet for people to read? Remember when we would follow each other’s blog and had blogrolls that linked to our favourites?

I miss those days.

Too much of the internet is now condensed into a picture or a vertical reel. I know what people wore or ate, or where they traveled to. I know how they posed or who they hung out with. But I don’t know how people feel anymore. The carefully composed (moving) visual doesn’t convey what words could. If communication is in equal parts sending and receiving, then I think something is lost to me when the bits are images and videos.

I’d like to read prose again. I’d like to know what you’re thinking and feeling, in words that connect two human beings; in written and spoken language that paints a picture in my mind (as opposed to searing an image into my retina). I want opinions and I want to leave a comment, to discuss and debate, to agree and disagree. I want to know how you feel about something. I want to know if I feel the same way as you.

So here I am, writing in words on my blog, in 2023. If you’re reading and and feel the same way, then leave me a comment – let’s connect. Let’s keep words personal and permanently on the internet. Let’s bring blogs back.

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