Death to hybrid work

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I hate that there are extra layers of stupid admin inflicted on me as a worker who has to return to office on some days.

I need to download a new app to book a hot desk since we downsized the office, and a separate app to generate a QR code that I need to scan in order to get past the turnstile and into the lift to my floor.

I need to access a separate page to book a room for in-person meetings, only after jumping through brand new hoops to make sure that everyone is coming into the office on the same day (something we never needed to do pre-pandemic).

Then, one or two jokers will not show up, despite all the virtual pinkie promises. So I have to become Tech Support when they have problems connecting to the Zoom meeting’s audio. If that’s successful, then it’s a 50-50 toss up between saying “hey, you’re on mute” or “can you please mute yourself? I can hear your dog barking”.

We have five (5!) different platforms for work messaging: Slack, Zoom, Teams, WhatsApp and the latest and greatest (sarcasm intended), Workplace. Guess who is responsible for remembering each co-worker’s communication preference?

I would prefer that we are all in the office or we are all remote. Hybrid just feels like we want the best of both our freedoms and our need for structure (or surveillance, depending on who you’re asking). I don’t think it’s good enough and I hate how we could not, as a collective society, come up with a better way to work – one that doesn’t involve a mandatory return to office, and one that doesn’t shift the burden of making work work, on the worker.

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