Back on the Saddle

I start a new job tomorrow. I return to Media, a space I loved since my career began many many moons ago. Even before that, in my growing up years, many meals were consumed while transfixed on the moving visuals flashing on the CRT TV in the living room.

My first job was as an intern at Discovery Channel. I had only one job and in the exact words of my manager, “go deal with all these screeners we’re getting”. Back then, the Programming Department would be sent boxes and boxes of VHS tapes from filmmakers and producers so we could screen them and consider them for acquisition.

I loved my job. I would tell my friends that I watched TV for a living. I would disappear for hours, lost in watching documentary after documentary. I took notes and learnt how to evaluate a show for production values, and their potential value to the network and the viewers. I learnt how run screening meetings for my team and to pitch what I thought were great shows, for their consideration. I learnt how to think in systems, and developed an evaluation criteria that documented every show I had watched, with my notes and ratings, for future reference. I loved my job.

Fast forward many years and most recently, going on a ten-year detour in Tech, I’m ready to come back to this Media space. Without going into too much detail, I’ll be building a team and launching a streaming service in Asia. In a weird way, my experience in Apple and Google really helped to blend my passion for content with the skills needed for Media to start playing in a new, direct to consumer space. Wish me luck!


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