The House is on Fire

In the last game, the characters were attacked by two pyromaniacal shapeshifters in a farmhouse. This was a great opportunity to try some homemade fire mechanics 🔥

First, determine how many grids are on fire and how intense the fire is. For my game, one of the shapeshifters threw a bottle of alchemist fire. I made the attack roll (which missed), then rolled the 1d4 and got a 3. So I took three d6s and placed them around point of impact, with each side showing a 3.

Secondly, add “Fire” to the bottom of your initiative tracker so something happens before the next round.

Lastly, grab another d6 because this is what happens when it’s the fire’s turn:

1. Every fire dice increases it’s value by 1. This symbolizes the fire growing in intensity.

2. Roll a d6. Any fire die that has a matching number to your roll replicates itself in an adjacent square. So if you rolled a 4, any die faces that are 4 spread itself as another 4 to an adjacent square. This is the fire spreading.

3. Any dice that is a 6 automatically spreads. Add another die, with 1 face up, to an adjacent square.

This gets deadly because if you rolled a 6 in step 2, all dices with 6 spread then each 6 adds a new 1 to an adjacent square.

To make things more complicated, you may a few optional rules like having players make Dexterity saving throws as they move through the fire, taking the full damage equal to the die value if they fail. You could also add a mechanic to put out the fire, making each pail of water a d6 which is rolled and subtracted from the value on the fire die. The possibilities are endless and it’s a lot of fun to add to a combat encounter, in a farm house that is burning down.

Oh, in the end, the farm house burnt to the ground but they defeated bad guys then had a fundraiser in town to raise money for the poor homeless farmer.

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