Campaign Diaries

I started running a campaign about 3 months ago and we’ve been playing regularly almost every Friday evenings since. I thought it would be fun to post campaign, not just as a recap for myself but also to maybe reflect on some of the things I learnt in each session.

TL;DR: We are a party of five (called “The Outlanders”) playing in the Wildemount setting and we are about 9 sessions in. The characters are (already) level 5 and they’re making their way from the Dwendalian Empire towards Xhorhas. The current party is a Dwarf Barbarian (Ancestral Guardian), Drow Wizard (Chronurgy), Kenku Rogue (Soulknife), Aasimar Paladin (Devotion) and a Firbolg Druid (Circle of the Moon).

With that out of the way, let’s start unpacking some of campaign and see if we can learn some things along the way.

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